Drug Withdrawal in Lowell, MA

If you've heard horror stories about drug withdrawal, you may be wondering if your own experience will be as bad. You might even be afraid to try to get clean. While it's true that drug withdrawal is no walk in the park, detox is a lot more comfortable than it used to be. In fact, detox medications are offered at many centers for drug withdrawal in Lowell, MA. Contact Lowell Drug Rehab Centers today to learn more about treatment options.

Why Are Some Drugs so Addictive?

Your doctor may have prescribed strong pain relievers after you were injured. Narcotic painkillers, including OxyContin, Lortab, and Percodan work very well because they are made from the sap of the Asian poppy plant. While great for relieving severe pain, these opiate medications also cause dependence in a short period of time. Cocaine and methamphetamine deliver a powerful burst of euphoric elation to the brain. Once your brain and body are accustomed to a constant supply of feel-good chemicals, it can hurt a lot when those sources are taken away.

With prolonged drug use, persistent brain changes may occur. That's why it's imperative for addicts to kick their habits with professional guidance, cognitive counseling, and medical intervention when appropriate. Compassionate care is available at a number of reputable local centers for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Lowell. Follow up peer support group meetings and programs for addiction treatment boost the addict's chances of remaining clean and sober for life.

What Is Drug Withdrawal?

Withdrawal, also known as detoxification or detox, is what happens when a drug dependent ceases consumption of the drug to which they are habituated. Opiate pain pills, cocaine, and methamphetamine are drugs commonly used by people who seek medically supervised drug withdrawal treatment. If you wake up thinking about drugs and can't stop using no matter how badly they affect your life, you could be an addict who would benefit from medical Drug Withdrawal in Lowell.

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The first days of drug detox can be the most intense, especially if your brain and body are accustomed to substantial amounts of legal or illegal opiates. Once the drug wears off, you may feel anxious, agitated, nervous, and sweaty. A runny nose and watering eyes are common in the early stages of withdrawal. You may experience extreme sleeplessness along with nausea and fatigue that can last for many days. Tremors and ‘the shakes' are common withdrawal symptoms, too. All of these uncomfortable symptoms may be lessened with supervised medical intervention at a confidential drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment facility.

Is Drug Withdrawal Dangerous?

Detox is a natural process that can be exceedingly uncomfortable, especially for those who have been addicted for an extended time period. Fortunately, drug withdrawal treatment centers can offer a range of medical treatment options that comfort the addict through the worst parts of drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Fatalities associated with detox are by no means unknown. Without a team of medical experts standing by, detoxing from heroin, opiates, sedatives, speed, and alcohol can be quite taxing on the emotions and nervous system. Modern drug withdrawal treatment programs may provide medical support along with cognitive behavioral counseling, peer group meetings, 12-step programs, SMART Recovery principles and other proven detox and rehab options.

Is Medical Withdrawal Treatment Right for You?

If you're reading this page because you or someone in your circle of friends might benefit from confidential drug withdrawal treatment, yes, medical treatment might be just right. "Kicking" drug addiction without medical supervision can be downright dangerous. Some people are worried that rehab will ruin their reputation. Don't worry. Being addicted is nothing to be ashamed about. The only shame is if you don't get help right now.

If you want to return to the way your life was before drugs got ahold of you, please consider checking into a facility that offers confidential drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment. At a compassionate drug detox treatment center, doctors can prescribe medications to make detox more comfortable than if you tried to get clean at home. Medically supervised drug withdrawal in Lowell, MA offers 24/7 monitoring to assure the safety and security of patients. Call Lowell Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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